What I remember on 9/11/01

09-11-01_world_trade_center-2I remember it was a beautiful sunny clear Tuesday morning.  I remember thinking to myself that it would be nice to take the day off and do something nice outside.  But I went to work anyway.  The weekend before I attended my first Maloney’s Bike-A-Thon in Margate, NJ.  A drunken bicycle ride down the shore starting at 7:30 AM.  It was fun.  A little ridiculous, but fun.

That Tuesday 9/11, I went to work from my apartment in Monmouth Junction, NJ to my job @ Health Answers in Pennington, NJ.  I didn’t want to be there.  A coworker woman notified me of a plane hitting the World Trade Center and I could care less because it didn’t affect me at the time.  I think I actually said, “What a moron.  How could you not see a building that big?”  I had no idea it was a commercial plane.  I thought it was a bi-plane who lost control and accidentally hit the building.

I then heard later about a second plane hitting the World Trade Center and once again I thought to myself, “That’s weird.”  As I was busy with work to do, I started getting pissed off that people were gathering around listening to the radio instead of working.  “Don’t you people have work to do,” I asked myself.  “How come I am the only here working?”

It wasn’t until I heard the news about a plane hitting the Pentagon, that I finally realized, “Oh shit, were under attack!”  It was so hard to believe at the time.  Then, finally I heard about the plane that crashed in Shanksville, PA which was supposedly in route to crash into the White House.  I remember thinking how brave those passengers & crew were and remembering that the biggest evidence of what happened on this day would come from that particular plane crash.

I received an e-mail around 12 noon on that day stating that because of the horrific events of the day that our office would be closing.  I had no cell phone at this time.  I remember leaving work, driving in traffic on Route 1 North back up to Monmouth Junction, NJ.  I finally got home.  My phone didn’t work.  It kept saying that “all circuits are busy.”  I turned on the TV and watched the World Trade Centers collapse.  It was unbelievable.  I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  I thought the world was coming to an end.  For some reason, I thought that it was about time we got our asses kicked just because we’ve been telling other countries what to do for years.  I also thought to myself, what a genius plan!  I thought the terrorists were geniuses.  It almost worked to perfection!  But it was the passengers & crew of United Airlines Flight 93 that spoiled that last crash.  What heroes!

9/11 was a big wake-up call for this country.  How can foreigners come into this country, train to be pilots, get through security with box-knife cutters, hijack our own planes and destroy our own buildings killing so many innocent people?  It was, and still is, very disturbing.  I couldn’t imagine being on any one of those planes, or in the World Trade Center on that day.  It was horrible.


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