Remember When…I went to Salisbury State University


I graduated in 1996 when it was Salisbury State University. Back then nobody had a cell phone, or a laptop, or an iPod. Windows 95 had pretty much just came out when I graduated.  I had to type my papers at the computer lab, which was basically just a word processor and had to wait to use one most of the time.  I had no personal computer of my own at that time.   I had to use the card catalog to find a book at the Blackwell library.  There were no computers in the library either.

I was a disc jockey at WSUR, which was campus TV Channel 11 at the time. I played vinyl records, tapes, and CD’s. There was no such thing as an MP3.

I lived in Severn Hall, St. Martin’s Hall, Dogwood Village, and Chesapeake Hall. I watched movies on VHS video tape.  I had to use a pay phone to call home and sometimes use my roommate’s pay phone coin sounder (a small device that sounds like quarters being put into the pay phone)!  That’s how we avoided long-distance charges.  Or I used 1-800-Collect on the pay phone.  Remember that?  It’s amazing how things have changed.

I used the laundry facilities in the basement or sometimes go to Pickles and then have a beer while I wait for my clothes to dry.  I had to go to my teacher’s office during office hours if I wanted to communicate with my professors.  Most of my professors used the TV/VCR cart and an overhead projector.  I also worked for Instructional Media Services and would drive around in a golf cart all over the campus and was responsible for putting TV/VCR carts in the classroom or change a lightbulb in a projector!  Those were the days!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been back to Salisbury since I graduated in 1996. I know a lot of the buildings have been changed, torn down, and rebuilt for a much bigger, brighter campus. I would love to see the new campus someday soon.


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