On this day in my DMB Concert History…June 24, 2001

 Show # 4:

June 24, 2001
Tweeter Center
Camden, New Jersey
Opening Band: Jim White

What Would You Say
#41 (Everyday outro)
Drive In Drive Out *
When The World Ends *
So Right *
Minarets *+
Little Thing [tease] @
Lover Lay Down * à (Call to Post interpolation by LeRoi)
Seek Up *
I Did It *+
Recently (Some Do/Some Don’t intro; truncated version) –>
Digging a Ditch
Angel *+ (extended outro)
Don’t Drink the Water *
Fool To Think *+
The Space Between *+
All Along the Watchtower * (Bob Dylan cover; Stefan solo intro)
Captain [partial] @ (first time played with at least a verse and chorus)
Funny How Time Slips Away @ (Willie Nelson cover)
Ants Marching *

* Butch Taylor on keyboards
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals (The Lovely Ladies)
@ Dave solo
–> Indicates segue into next song

Good show. I went with my friends Steve, Jim, and Dave. I only saw part of it unfortunately. I heard most of it from the parking lot. But what I heard and saw was very good! It was great hearing songs from the Everyday album live for the first time such as “When The World Ends,” So Right,” “I Did It,” “Angel,” “Fool to Think,” and “The Space Between.”

Click here for more info.

DMB Tour 06/24/2001, Camden, NJ

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