On This Day in my DMB Concert History…June 27, 2006

Show #8:

June 27, 2006
Tweeter Center
Camden, NJ
Opening Act: Gomez

1. Don’t Drink the Water * (includes prelude)
2. When the World Ends *
3. Pig *
4. Proudest Monkey *
5. Satellite *
6. Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken outro)
7. Lie in Our Graves *
8. Hunger for the Great Light *
9. So Right *
10. Jimi Thing * (For What It’s Worth outro)
11. Grey Street *
12. Break Free * (last verse & Roi solo omitted)
13. So Much to Say * à Anyone Seen The Bridge? * –>
14. Too Much *
15. The Idea of You *
16. Louisiana Bayou *

17. Sister ~
18. The Dreaming Tree *
19. Ants Marching * (snare intro)

Entire show with Butch Taylor on keyboards except where noted
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
~ Dave solo
–> Indicates segue into next song

I went with Christine. A cloudy rainy night didn’t stop me from enjoying the staple of the summer – seeing DMB live.

The band played their hearts out. “Don’t Drink the Water” was a fantastic opener along with a beautiful version of “Pig”, as I looked up into the cloudy Philadelphia skyline from the lawn.

In addition, I enjoyed hearing “Proudest Monkey” and “Satellite”, which seemed appropriate for the weather conditions this evening, as well as, “Crash Into Me”.

Boyd Tinsley played a fantastic, ripping violin solo on “Lie in our Graves”. “Jimi Thing”, “Grey Street”, and a jamming “Louisiana Bayou” were also excellent and a lot of fun.

The new songs “Break Free” and “The Idea of You”, I thought were excellent as well. I’m looking forward to when they record them on an upcoming album.

The encore included the full version of “Dreaming Tree” and an energetic “Ants Marching” to end the night. Despite the cloudy, rainy weather, DMB never disappoints, and this year, once again, was no exception.

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