On this day in my DMB Concert History…07/05/2005

Show #7:
July 5, 2005 (07/05/05)
Tweeter Center
Camden, NJ

Opening Act:  G Love and Special Sauce

DMB Tour 07/05/05 ticket stub
DMB Tour 07/05/05 ticket stub
  1. The Stone (Dave switches the order of some of the verses around)
  2. American Baby
  3. Grey Street
  4. Lover Lay Down
  5. Hello Again
  6. Dreamgirl –> (includes prelude; “Everyday People” interpolation by LeRoi)
  7. Ants Marching (snare intro; snare drum break and switch during intro)
  8. Smooth Rider
  9. Where Are You Going
  10. Hunger for the Great Light
  11. Typical Situation
  12. Stand Up
  13. Everyday (#36 outro)
  14. Louisiana Bayou
    #40 [Tease] + (main riff in the verse repeated)
  15. Too Much (scat outro)
    The Dreaming Tree @ [Tease] (just after this tease you can hear Roi play the music to the children’s tune “Baby Bumble Bee”)
  16. You Might Die Trying
  17. What You Are

Entire show with Butch Taylor on keyboards except where noted
+ Butch, Dave
@ Dave solo
–> indicates segue into next song

Of all the DMB shows I have been to, this was one of my favorites. I went with Rob for the second summer in a row.  I drove my Acura Integra.  Tailgating was fun in the parking lot.  The crowd was energized and rowdy, and this was one of the most rocking shows I’ve ever seen them play.

I thought “The Stone” was a terrific opener, and after they did “American Baby,” “Grey Street,” and a really rocking version of “Hello Again,” it really turned out to be a tremendous show!

I loved all the new songs from the Stand Up album, “Dreamgirl”, “Smooth Rider”, “Hunger for the Great Light”, and the title track “Stand Up”.

The old classics “Ants Marching” and “Too Much” sounded fantastic, and an unbelievable version of “Louisiana Bayou,” ended up being my favorite song of the night. They really jammed on that song and I couldn’t stop dancing!

The encore contained a jamming rendition of “You Might Die Trying” and a haunting version of “What You Are” with a magnificent scream by Dave at the end.  Overall, they played a fun and energetic set throughout and loved every second of it.

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