On This Day in my DMB Concert History…July 16, 2000

Dave Matthews Band logo 2

Show # 3:

July 16, 2000
Veterans Stadium

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Opening Band: Ozomatli, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

  1. Ants Marching
  2. Satellite
  3. Drive In, Drive Out
  4. Granny +
  5. Grey Street
  6. Crush
  7. Warehouse (stop time intro)
  8. So Much to Say
  9. Lover Lay Down
  10. Jimi Thing
  11. #36 +
  12. JTR +
  13. The Best of What’s Around +
  14. Two Step
  15. Tripping Billies
  16. Digging a Ditch
  17. (Heartbeat Intro) –> Pantala Naga Pampa –>
  18. Rapunzel

    Entire show with Butch Taylor on keyboards
    + Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha on vocals (The Lovely Ladies)
    –> Indicates segue into next song

This show would end up being the last music concert I would ever see at the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia and the last time DMB would perform there.

DMB kicked off the show with “Ants Marching” which was very surprising and amazing! A beautiful rendition of “Satellite” followed that, a song that seemed so appropriate for the weather conditions we had.

I really enjoyed the performances of “Crush,” “Warehouse,” “So Much to Say,” and “Jimi Thing” but it was the last three songs of the set that stole the show for me, “The Best of What’s Around,” a great version of “Two Step,” and an amazing rendition of “Tripping Billies.”

I remember thinking to myself that there is no way they could top that in an encore. However, DMB came back out and played an amazing performance of “Pantala Naga Pampa” and “Rapunzel” which completely blew me away! It was a brilliant encore to end a brilliant concert.

Click here for more info.

Dave Matthews Band logo 2


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