On This Day in my DMB Concert History – September 19, 2009

Show #11:
Saturday, September 19, 2009 (09/19/2009)
[Rescheduled from 09/22/09]
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, NJ

Opening Act: Robert Randolph and the Family Band


DMB Tour 09/19/2009, Camden, NJ
DMB Tour 09/19/2009, Camden, NJ

1. Funny The Way It Is
2. Seven
3. Why I Am
4. The Best of What’s Around
5. So Damn Lucky
6. Raven
7. You Might Die Trying (Superstition interpolation)
8. Shake Me Like a Monkey
9. Crush (Stefan solo intro)
10. Spaceman
11. Alligator Pie
12. Dancing Nancies
13. Where Are You Going
14. Squirm
15. You and Me
16. Jimi Thing (Sexy MF outro)
17. Baby Blue +
18. The Maker
19. Time Bomb

Entire show with Tim Reynolds on guitar, Jeff Coffin on saxophone, and Rashawn Ross on trumpet except where noted
+ Dave Solo

There’s nothing like seeing DMB on a Saturday night on your birthday! Robert Randolph and the Family Band were excellent as an opening band and by far the best opening band I have ever seen for DMB.

DMB was in great form, as always, and played a good set. This would be my first time seeing them without LeRoi Moore on saxophone. I really enjoyed the new album, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, and I knew they would play quite a bit from that album. They actually ended up playing ten songs from that album!

“Funny The Way It Is,” was the opener, and a very good one at that. Hearing “The Best of What’s Around” again was a great surprise but I thought the show got kicked up another notch when they played “You Might Die Trying” which had me dancing and jamming with Tim Reynolds on guitar, Stefan Lessard on bass, Boyd Tinsley on violin, Rashawn Ross on trumpet, and Jeff Coffin on saxophone. It was breathtaking to say the least.

Two songs that I was secretly hoping they would play were “Shake Me Like a Monkey” and “Dancing Nancies,” and they both were amazing! To hear those on a beautiful Saturday autumn night on my birthday was just completely awesome! “Look up at the sky, its open wide…” I’m so glad they played it. Jeff Coffin has definitely proven to me to be a great saxophone player and didn’t miss a beat.

“Jimi Thing” was the set closer, and was nothing short of superb. DMB jammed and jammed all night and provided the crowd with a wonderful rendition of a DMB classic.

The encore provided three more songs, two more from Big Whiskey. Dave’s solo performance of “Baby Blue” was absolutely beautiful. “The Maker” and “Time Bomb” were good, but not great.

It was a wonderful concert, some songs expected, some songs unexpected, but never a disappointment throughout. It was a great night for my 36th birthday!

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