DMB Rocks Camden! Again! Review of Dave Matthews Band, 06/14/14

Show #15:
June 14, 2014
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, NJ

1. Bartender *
2. Slip Slidin’ Away +
3. Pay For What You Get ~
4. Take Me To Tomorrow ~
5. So Damn Lucky –>
6. (Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin))
7. Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
8. Minarets
9. Lie In Our Graves


10.  Improv Intro
11.  Spaceman –>
12. Corn Bread
13.  Save Me
14.  Write A Song
15.  Belly Belly Nice
16. #41
17.  Grey Street
18.  Say Goodbye
19.  Good Good Time
20.  Drive In Drive Out
21.  Funny The Way It Is
22.  Jimi Thing
23. Granny

24.  Crash Into Me
25. Two Step

* Dave And Tim
+ Carter, Dave, Rashawn and Tim
~ Carter, Dave, Stefan and Tim
(song name) indicates a partial song
–> indicates a segue into next song

Great set list, Great show! One of my favorites! This show had to be the best so far of the summer. I went with my friends Dan, Carol, and Rob. Had a “good good time” back in Camden and tailgating in the parking lot with all the lovely DMB friends.

I love the two set format!

DMB Tour, 06/14/2014, Camden, NJ
DMB Tour 06/14/2014, Camden, NJ
DMB 06/14/14 Concert Poster
DMB 06/14/14 Concert Poster

The acoustic set was excellent from start to finish, opening up with “Bartender”, a cover of Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away”, “Pay For What You Get”, and a cover of John Denver’s “Take Me To Tomorrow” were all done beautifully.

DMB Acoustic Set - 06/14/14, Bartender
DMB Acoustic Set – 06/14/14

“So Damn Lucky” was outstanding, as well as, a great rendition of “Minarets” and a fantastic “Lie In Our Graves” ended the acoustic set. It sounded excellent and loved every second of the acoustic set.

The electric set would also be nothing short of spectacular! The opening with “Spaceman” into “Cornbread” was really rocking and got me dancing! I thought it was outstanding! Only to be followed by a fantastic version of “Save Me” which I also loved.

A pleasant surprise was “Write A Song”, a song I never heard before but I know they have played it on tour before. I thought it was very good. It definitely needs to be put on an album very soon.

DMB Electric Set - 06/14/14, # 41
DMB Acoustic Set, 06/14/14

Sitting in seat number 41, I was hoping they might in fact play “#41” and they did! I was so happy! It sounded so excellent, with every band member shining on this song and on every song they played this night. The song “Grey Street” was terrific with an extended rocked out jam at the end and “Say Goodbye” was brilliant.

A nice version of “Good Good Time” was played, which I haven’t heard since 2004, and had forgotten how good of a song it is. It’s another song that needs to be recorded in the near future as well. I really liked it.

As usual, “Drive In Drive Out” rocked out, as well as, “Funny the Way it Is” sounded really nice tonight.  Once again, an outstanding “Jimi Thing” provided all band members to shine tonight, including Dave, who provided some wild noises and singing of his own to make it a truly epic version. Ending the set with “Granny” was surprising, wonderful and brilliant!

The encore was awesome! After a nice version of “Crash Into Me”, the band performed an outstanding rendition of “Two Step” and it rocked the house! It really jammed and rocked! I loved every second of it.

DMB Electric 06/14/14-2, Two Step
DMB Electric 06/14/14

This was an outstanding performance by DMB, a great set list, and a great show! This certainly was one of my favorite concerts of all-time, if not my favorite. I just loved both sets, acoustic and electric, and thought it was one of Dave Matthews Band’s best shows ever in Camden, New Jersey.

Click here for more info on this amazing set list from DMB.


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