2 Nights with DMB in Camden 2018

Great 2 Nights in Camden seeing Dave Matthews Band!
I liked Friday Night’s better but both nights were great!

My 21st Show:

Dave Matthews Band
Jun 15 2018
BB&T Pavilion
Camden, NJ

1. That Girl Is You
2. Louisiana Bayou
3. What Would You Say
4. The Space Between
5. Warehouse *
6. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
7. Recently
8. Come On Come On
9. The Song That Jane Likes
10. Jimi Thing *+
11. Satellite +
12. Funny The Way It Is
13. She
14. Gravedigger
15. So Much To Say
16. Tripping Billies
17. You and Me
18. You Might Die Trying

——– ENCORE ——–

19. Sister ~
20. Grey Street

* Matt Cappy
+ Mark Whitfield
~ Carter, Dave, Rashawn and Tim



My 22nd Show:

Dave Matthews Band
Jun 16 2018
BB&T Pavilion
Camden, NJ

1. Again And Again
2. One Sweet World
3. Seven
4. Do You Remember
5. Crush
6. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
7. Don’t Drink the Water
8. #41
9. Come Tomorrow
10. Lie In Our Graves
11. Steady As We Go
12. Cant Stop
13. Lying In the Hands of God
14. The Idea Of You
15. Stand Up (For It)
16. Come On Come On
17. Why I Am
18. The Best of Whats Around
19. Ants Marching

——– ENCORE ——–

20. Digging a Ditch
21. Pantala Naga Pampa –>
22. Rapunzel

–>indicates a segue into next song

DMB Tour 2018-06-16DMB Tour 2018-06-16DMB Tour 2018-06-16




Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds – June 3, 2017

Show # 20:

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
June 3rd, 2017
Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

So Much to Say
Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
Fool To Think
Say Goodbye
Worried Man Blues
A Whiter Shade of Pale
Corn Bread
Ode To The Box *
Death On The High Seas
Stay Or Leave
Black And Blue Bird
Don’t Drink The Water
Manfood *
All Along The Watchtower
You & Me
Stay (Wasting Time)
Dancing Nancies
Why I Am
Two Step

* Tim solo

Awesome!  Simply awesome!

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Dave Matthews Band 6/27/15, Camden, NJ

Show # 17:
June 27, 2015
Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ

  1. Rye Whiskey
  2. The Needle and the Damage Done
  3. Grace Is Gone
  4. The Stone
  5. When the World Ends
  6. Satellite
  7. Typical Situation
  8. Rhyme & Reason
  9. Stay or Leave
  10. Don’t Drink the Water
  11. Crush
  12. So Right
  13. Digging a Ditch
  14. Why I Am
  15. Virginia in the Rain
  16. Pantala Naga Pampa »
  17. Rapunzel
  18. Everyday
  19. The Best of What’s Around
  20. Rooftop
  21. Can’t Stop
  22. Stay (Wasting Time)
  23. The Space Between
  24. Shake Me Like a Monkey

It was a cloudy, rainy, and stormy day. It rained the whole time. I went with Dan, Carol, and Wendy. I drove my nautical blue 2012 Toyota Corolla S.

Highlights in the acoustic set for me included “The Needle and the Damage Done”, “The Stone”, an outstanding “Typical Situation”, and a full-band version of “Stay or Leave”. The electric set featured the opener of “Don’t Drink the Water”, an excellent version of “Crush”, “Rapunzel”, and “The Best of What’s Around”.

The encore was one of the weakest I ever seen with “The Space Between” and “Shake Me Like a Monkey”. Other than that, it was good, but not great.

Show Statistics courtesy of (as of July 4th, 2015)

Song Statistics courtesy of (as of July 4th, 2015)

My DMB Tour Stats from (as of July 4th, 2015)


DMB ‘Burns Down The House’ in Berkeley, CA

Show #16:
August 23rd, 2014
University of California, Berkeley Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA

DMB Tour 08/23/14 ticket stub
DMB Tour 08/23/14 ticket stub

Stay or Leave * (includes prelude)
Satellite (off-key intro)
One Sweet World
Crash into Me (Dixie Chicken interpolation)
Rhyme & Reason
Recently (Take me to the River interpolation)
Ants Marching (direct intro; Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) interpolation)
When the World Ends
Digging a Ditch
Warehouse (Louie Louie interpolation)
If Only
Grey Street
Lover Lay Down (included prelude)
Everyday +
You & Me +
Can’t Stop +
Burning Down the House + (Talking Heads cover)
The Space Between
Pantala Naga Pampa –> (Carter solo intro)
* Dave and Tim
+ The Lovely Ladies
–> indicates segue into next song

It was a beautiful day in the San Francisco bay area and a great night for a DMB concert!  I went with my sister Beth (Zenya) for what was her first DMB concert.

The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California is a fantastic place to see a show!  I was very impressed with the venue and the scenery of the San Francisco Bay in the background.  My only real complaint was the lawn area was a bit steep and kind of uncomfortable due to its hardness of the ground from the lack of rain in California.

DMB Tour 8/23/14 - Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
DMB Tour 8/23/14 – Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

In addition, the crowd seemed very mellow as they sat down for most of the show, and there was a constant smell of marijuana being smoked.  Other than that, the Greek Theatre at the University of California in Berkeley is a terrific venue for a concert, there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

DMB Tour 8/23/14 – Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

The acoustic set was good with “Stay or Leave” as the opener featuring just Dave and Tim.  In fact, I have heard a different opening song for every DMB show that I’ve been to.

Nice versions of “Satellite”, “One Sweet World” and “Sweet” followed.  Once again, I was able to hear “Crash into Me”, this time in the acoustic set, and it still sounded pleasant after all these years.

One of the highlights of the night for me was an awesome bluesy acoustic version of “Rhyme & Reason”.  Tim Reynolds did an amazing guitar solo that just blew me away and one of the best songs of the night!  It was great to hear that song performed live again!  I haven’t seen DMB play that song since 2003!

DMB Tour 8/23/14 - Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
DMB Tour 8/23/14 – Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

“Recently” sounded decent, though not my favorite, and once again, another fine performance of “Ants Marching” concluded the acoustic set on this Saturday night in Berkeley, California.

The electric set kicked off with “#41”, one of my favorite DMB songs.  However, it seemed like it was cut short a little bit and really didn’t feature any horns which was disappointing.

“When the World Ends” followed and it sounded excellent!  It’s been awhile since I’ve experienced that song live and it was terrific!  Another highlight of the night for me was an awesome version of “Rooftop”!  It really rocked the Greek Theatre!  “Digging a Ditch” sounded beautiful tonight as well.

“Warehouse” was also a pleasant surprise by itself which sounded more like the studio version with the intro but would end with an awesome jam and a “Louie, Louie” interpolation which was a lot of fun!

After a nice version of “If Only”, DMB played a magnificent rendition of “Grey Street” with an outstanding jam at the end featuring both Rashawn Ross on trumpet and Jeff Coffin on sax.  They both really shined on that song and it really rocked!

“Lover Lay Down” sounded beautiful and mellow, and like “Rhyme and Reason” it is a song I haven’t heard live in a while and was nice to hear again on this night in Berkeley, California.

Unexpectedly, “Everyday” followed and out came the Lovely Ladies!  I haven’t seen DMB perform with them since 2001.  Boyd Tinsley shined on this song, as did the Lovely Ladies on backing vocals!  The song was a lot of fun for this nice night in Berkeley, CA.

DMB Tour 8/23/14, Greek Theatre
DMB Tour 8/23/14, Greek Theatre

The Lovely Ladies stayed on stage and provided background vocals for “You & Me”, and an absolute awesome bluesy version of “Can’t Stop”, which might have been my favorite song of the night, and it was actually the first time I experienced that song for the first time.  The set ended finally with the Talking Heads cover “Burning Down The House”, which sounded great and rocked the house!

DMB Tour 8/23/14, Greek Theatre
DMB Tour 8/23/14, Greek Theatre

The encore started off with a real nice version of “The Space Between”, followed by a decent rendition of “Granny” and then ultimately ending with “Rapunzel” which I haven’t experienced since the 2000 tour.  It was a good, but not a great encore, in my opinion.

DMB Tour 8/23/14, Greek Theatre
DMB Tour 8/23/14, Greek Theatre

My sister and I had a good time at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California for her first DMB show and my first DMB experience on the west coast.  Although this was not my favorite show or set list, it was nice to hear some songs I haven’t seen DMB perform live in a long time such as “Rhyme & Reason”, “When The World Ends”, “Digging a Ditch”, Lover Lay Down”, “Can’t Stop”, “The Space Between”, and “Rapunzel”.  However, I found this show a little disappointing compared to the June 14th show in Camden, New Jersey earlier this summer.

DMB did rock the bay area literally.  Later that night, approximately 3:30 AM pacific time, a major earthquake hit Napa Valley, and shook the whole San Francisco bay area region.  I got to witness my first earthquake!  I guess DMB rocked so hard that they caused an earthquake!

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Click here for more information regarding the earthquake.



On This Day in my DMB Concert History…June 29th, 2013

Show #14:
June 29, 2013

Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, NJ
Opening Act:  Mavis Staples

Drive In Drive Out
What Would You Say
Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)
Kill the Preacher [partial] *
Why I Am
Help Myself
So Much to Say
Drunken Soldier
Hunger for the Great Light
Belly Full +
Typical Situation
Ants Marching (Carter solo intro)
Oh @
Lie in Our Graves [reprise] –>
Pig –> (Dueling Banjos interpolation)
Two Step (pre-2007 intro melody and Time Bomb intro; Higher Ground interpolation)

* Carter, Dave, Tim
+ Dave solo
@ Dave and Tim
–>Indicates segue into next song

The opener of “Dreamgirl” was a pleasant and wonderful surprise, since I haven’t heard it live since 2005.  “Drive In Drive Out” sounded terrific as well.

A song I greatly enjoy but haven’t heard live and in person since the 2004 tour was “Joyride” and it sounded great!  I’m so glad they played it.

Other impressive songs played tonight included brilliant versions of “What Would You Say”, “Crush”, and “JTR”, plus an excellent cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times”, which really rocked the house!

“#41” sounded amazing; as did “Why I Am”, “Help Myself”, and a beautiful rendition of “Mercy” with Dave himself on piano.

“So Much to Say” followed and was nothing short of fantastic.  In addition, a very impressive version of “Drunken Soldier” was played as I got to experience that song live for the first time.

DMB would play quite possibly the best version of “Typical Situation” I have ever experienced, and for me was one of the best moments of the night.

DMB ended this terrific set with the classic “Ants Marching” leading right into a rocking version of “Halloween”!  It was amazing!

The encore was also remarkable, with a delightful version of “Oh”, a reprise of “Lie in Our Graves”, a magnificent version of “Pig”, and then an absolute jamming and rocking version of “Two Step”!

It was an incredible and fantastic ending to this Saturday night, another superb performance by DMB, an outstanding set list, and one of my favorite concerts by them of all-time!  🙂

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DMB Rocks Camden! Again! Review of Dave Matthews Band, 06/14/14

Show #15:
June 14, 2014
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, NJ

1. Bartender *
2. Slip Slidin’ Away +
3. Pay For What You Get ~
4. Take Me To Tomorrow ~
5. So Damn Lucky –>
6. (Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin))
7. Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
8. Minarets
9. Lie In Our Graves


10.  Improv Intro
11.  Spaceman –>
12. Corn Bread
13.  Save Me
14.  Write A Song
15.  Belly Belly Nice
16. #41
17.  Grey Street
18.  Say Goodbye
19.  Good Good Time
20.  Drive In Drive Out
21.  Funny The Way It Is
22.  Jimi Thing
23. Granny

24.  Crash Into Me
25. Two Step

* Dave And Tim
+ Carter, Dave, Rashawn and Tim
~ Carter, Dave, Stefan and Tim
(song name) indicates a partial song
–> indicates a segue into next song

Great set list, Great show! One of my favorites! This show had to be the best so far of the summer. I went with my friends Dan, Carol, and Rob. Had a “good good time” back in Camden and tailgating in the parking lot with all the lovely DMB friends.

I love the two set format!

DMB Tour, 06/14/2014, Camden, NJ
DMB Tour 06/14/2014, Camden, NJ
DMB 06/14/14 Concert Poster
DMB 06/14/14 Concert Poster

The acoustic set was excellent from start to finish, opening up with “Bartender”, a cover of Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away”, “Pay For What You Get”, and a cover of John Denver’s “Take Me To Tomorrow” were all done beautifully.

DMB Acoustic Set - 06/14/14, Bartender
DMB Acoustic Set – 06/14/14

“So Damn Lucky” was outstanding, as well as, a great rendition of “Minarets” and a fantastic “Lie In Our Graves” ended the acoustic set. It sounded excellent and loved every second of the acoustic set.

The electric set would also be nothing short of spectacular! The opening with “Spaceman” into “Cornbread” was really rocking and got me dancing! I thought it was outstanding! Only to be followed by a fantastic version of “Save Me” which I also loved.

A pleasant surprise was “Write A Song”, a song I never heard before but I know they have played it on tour before. I thought it was very good. It definitely needs to be put on an album very soon.

DMB Electric Set - 06/14/14, # 41
DMB Acoustic Set, 06/14/14

Sitting in seat number 41, I was hoping they might in fact play “#41” and they did! I was so happy! It sounded so excellent, with every band member shining on this song and on every song they played this night. The song “Grey Street” was terrific with an extended rocked out jam at the end and “Say Goodbye” was brilliant.

A nice version of “Good Good Time” was played, which I haven’t heard since 2004, and had forgotten how good of a song it is. It’s another song that needs to be recorded in the near future as well. I really liked it.

As usual, “Drive In Drive Out” rocked out, as well as, “Funny the Way it Is” sounded really nice tonight.  Once again, an outstanding “Jimi Thing” provided all band members to shine tonight, including Dave, who provided some wild noises and singing of his own to make it a truly epic version. Ending the set with “Granny” was surprising, wonderful and brilliant!

The encore was awesome! After a nice version of “Crash Into Me”, the band performed an outstanding rendition of “Two Step” and it rocked the house! It really jammed and rocked! I loved every second of it.

DMB Electric 06/14/14-2, Two Step
DMB Electric 06/14/14

This was an outstanding performance by DMB, a great set list, and a great show! This certainly was one of my favorite concerts of all-time, if not my favorite. I just loved both sets, acoustic and electric, and thought it was one of Dave Matthews Band’s best shows ever in Camden, New Jersey.

Click here for more info on this amazing set list from DMB.

On This Day in my DMB Concert History…06/06/2013

DMB ticket stub 06/06/2013

Show #13:

June 6th, 2013 (06/06/2013)
PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, NJ
Opening Act:  The Head and the Heart

Tripping Billies
Save Me
(Improv Intro) –>
Don’t Drink the Water
The Idea Of You
Drum Intro –>
Spaceman –>
Corn Bread
Recently (Pretty Pretty Girl/Take Me to the River outros)
Grey Street
Belly Belly Nice
Cry Freedom
Crash Into Me
Drive In Drive Out
Jimi Thing
(Blue Water)
So Right –>
Ants Marching

(Song name) indicates a partial song
–> indicates a segue into next song

DMB ticket stub 06/06/2013
06/06/2013 DMB ticket stub

It was a great show at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey.  It was nice for me to see DMB somewhere else rather than Camden, New Jersey for a change too.

Opening up with “Tripping Billies” and ending the night with “Ants Marching” pretty much says it all.  It was a great show and a great set list.  Highlights for me included an excellent version of “Save Me”, “The Idea of You”, “#41”, and “Corn Bread”.

The performance of “Recently” was also a real treat with the “Pretty pretty girl, take me to the river outros.”

In addition, I greatly enjoyed “Belly Belly Nice”, plus the old favorites, “Crash Into Me”, “Drive In Drive Out”, and “Jimi Thing” were terrific to end the set.

“So Right” and “Ants Marching” in the encore ended this really fun night at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey.  Overall, it was another solid performance by DMB and enjoyed every minute of it.DMB poster 06/06/2013

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On This Day in my DMB Concert History – September 19, 2009

Show #11:
Saturday, September 19, 2009 (09/19/2009)
[Rescheduled from 09/22/09]
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, NJ

Opening Act: Robert Randolph and the Family Band


DMB Tour 09/19/2009, Camden, NJ
DMB Tour 09/19/2009, Camden, NJ

1. Funny The Way It Is
2. Seven
3. Why I Am
4. The Best of What’s Around
5. So Damn Lucky
6. Raven
7. You Might Die Trying (Superstition interpolation)
8. Shake Me Like a Monkey
9. Crush (Stefan solo intro)
10. Spaceman
11. Alligator Pie
12. Dancing Nancies
13. Where Are You Going
14. Squirm
15. You and Me
16. Jimi Thing (Sexy MF outro)
17. Baby Blue +
18. The Maker
19. Time Bomb

Entire show with Tim Reynolds on guitar, Jeff Coffin on saxophone, and Rashawn Ross on trumpet except where noted
+ Dave Solo

There’s nothing like seeing DMB on a Saturday night on your birthday! Robert Randolph and the Family Band were excellent as an opening band and by far the best opening band I have ever seen for DMB.

DMB was in great form, as always, and played a good set. This would be my first time seeing them without LeRoi Moore on saxophone. I really enjoyed the new album, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, and I knew they would play quite a bit from that album. They actually ended up playing ten songs from that album!

“Funny The Way It Is,” was the opener, and a very good one at that. Hearing “The Best of What’s Around” again was a great surprise but I thought the show got kicked up another notch when they played “You Might Die Trying” which had me dancing and jamming with Tim Reynolds on guitar, Stefan Lessard on bass, Boyd Tinsley on violin, Rashawn Ross on trumpet, and Jeff Coffin on saxophone. It was breathtaking to say the least.

Two songs that I was secretly hoping they would play were “Shake Me Like a Monkey” and “Dancing Nancies,” and they both were amazing! To hear those on a beautiful Saturday autumn night on my birthday was just completely awesome! “Look up at the sky, its open wide…” I’m so glad they played it. Jeff Coffin has definitely proven to me to be a great saxophone player and didn’t miss a beat.

“Jimi Thing” was the set closer, and was nothing short of superb. DMB jammed and jammed all night and provided the crowd with a wonderful rendition of a DMB classic.

The encore provided three more songs, two more from Big Whiskey. Dave’s solo performance of “Baby Blue” was absolutely beautiful. “The Maker” and “Time Bomb” were good, but not great.

It was a wonderful concert, some songs expected, some songs unexpected, but never a disappointment throughout. It was a great night for my 36th birthday!

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On This Day in my DMB Concert History…September 6, 2003

Show #5:
September 6, 2003
Tweeter Center
Camden, New Jersey

Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars


1. Stay
2. Crush (Stefan solo intro)
3. The Stone
4. Don’t Drink the Water
5. If I Had It All
6. Help Myself
7. Satellite
8. Bartender
9. Fool To Think (played on acoustic guitar)
10. Dancing Nancies
11. Where Are You Going
12. All Along the Watchtower (Stefan solo intro with The Ballad of Johnny Butt interpolation)
13. Spoon
14. Ants Marching (snare intro)
15. The Maker
16. Tripping Billies (Nature intro)

Entire show with Butch Taylor on keyboards

After not seeing DMB in 2002, it was nice to be back at a DMB concert. I went with Christine and two of her friends. I drove my Acura Integra.

Highlights of the evening for me included, “The Stone,” “Bartender,” “Fool to Think,” and “Dancing Nancies.” They played some of their slower songs such as “Satellite”, “Where are you Going” and “Spoon”, which were good, but it made the show very mellow.

The encore included “The Maker” and a terrific version of “Tripping Billies”, which ended the concert on a good note.

Nonetheless, this was not my favorite DMB concert, but I still had a good time on this late summer evening in early September to see the summer staple, the Dave Matthews Band.

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